Twelve-Year-Old Stock Car Racer Publishes First Children’s Book

After his first season as a MiniCup ½ size stock car racer, Zachary Tinkle decided to tell his true-life story on his decision to join a minicup (also known as supercup) league in a beautifully illustrated children’s book. Just released on Amazon, Zachary Tinkle’s MiniCup Decision, published by Left Paw Press, has already become a #1 New Release.

Zachary Tinkle’s MiniCup Decision is about Zachary’s first sighting of a minicup car and falling in love with the idea of racing to pursue his dream of becoming a NASCAR® driver even though he had already mapped out other plans. The book culminates with Tinkle rationalizing this decision and having a serious discussion with his parents about joining the minicup league. It’s a story about working hard for your dreams, decision-making, and open conversation.

Upon hearing the news, Tinkle was overjoyed and uncharacteristically at a loss for words. Although Left Paw Press has had several books reach #1 bestseller status, this is the first book that has become a #1 Hot New Release at such a breakneck speed, without yet being advertised.

Full Release with photos on PRLog.