Zachary Tinkle’s MiniCup Decision book

Zachary Tinkle’s MiniCup Decision is available in paperback from Amazon for $5.99.  

Zachary Tinkle wants to be a NASCAR® driver when he grows up, so he’s been practicing with go-karts, getting ready for his first time racing outdoors. But when his parents take him to get the autograph of a famous NASCAR® driver, he sees something he can’t believe: A little NASCAR® stock car-just his size. It’s a minicup, a half-size stock car that can go 100 miles per hour on the track. Then he meets a father and his young son-who races a mincup!

Zachary loves go-karts, but he knows a mincup will get him to the NASCAR big leagues. It’s time to make a decision, and talk to Mom and Dad… Children and race fans will love this account by Zachary Tinkle, based on his own true-life story and immaculately illustrated by Antonio J. “Nunoh” Diaz. It’s about working hard for your dreams, and the value of thinking through important decisions.