After hearing the devastating news that Zachary Tinkle’s season has been halted based on his father and main supporter having a stroke, several fans requested that a GoFundMe be set up to support Zachary’s season and keep his season hopes alive.

The original post was to request enough funding to get Zachary through the next race (Nashville). There are two races before the final 8 for the championship are determined. Those 8 are cut down to the top 4 based on wins (automatically in) and points. The team talked to the series and found that the points reset with the final 8 and that drivers are allowed to miss up to one race leading up to the championship.

In light of the above, the time it takes to do car setup, additional expenses associated with Nashville (longer race, etc.), and the GoFundMe goal is not yet being met, Tinkle Family Racing decided to skip the Nashville race and go to the Birch Run race on July 31st in Michigan since it is the last race before the championship 8 is determined. Going to Birch Run is the best chance to keep Zachary in the running to compete for the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour championship, which is the ultimate goal.

Doing this buys time until the first championship race, which is in Berlin on August 21st. There are three additional championship races in September – October.

The GoFundMe goal was shortly up to the $10k goal, which gets Zachary to the Birch Run race. Additional inquiries came in about funding the rest of Zachary’s season and how much that would take. It would cost around $50k. This does not include the 2-3 ARCA races that he was planning on doing this year. The GoFundMe goal has been increased based on requests to increase it to the full rest of the season amount.

Any sharing of the GoFundMe, donating to it, referring to potential sponsors or benefactors is greatly appreciated.