Zachary Tinkle started the day looking forward to the last race of NASCAR Speedweeks at New Smyrna Speedway. He was second fastest in both practices. Then, it was time for qualifying. Unfortunately, he stalled the car on the start for his qualifying and got held up coming onto the track. He then ended up qualifying 10th, which is where he started in the race, missing the invert.

Zachary held his own throughout the 100-lap race. With a pit strategy, different from anyone else on the field, he waited longer for a mandatory pit stop, which allowed him to lead several laps and remain at the top of the field until he had a tire start to go down. He then, had to make a green flag pit stop. This put his five laps down. He went to work to battle his way through the field and keep out of trouble through several major wrecks in front of him. He ended the race in eleventh and three laps down. Tinkle finished every race of Speedweeks and kept the car in one piece throughout all the races.