During the Rockford Speedway Wild Wednesday Super Cup Series, Zachary Tinkle won three heat races and was fastest qualifier once during the 2015 season. This was a phenomenal accomplishment considering Tinkle had an engine valve cover blow off, which led to him missing two feature races and winning his first heat race on a borrowed engine. He finished the season second in championship points. For this accomplishment, Zachary was awarded a plaque at the championship dinner on Saturday, January 30th, 2016.

As an added highlight of the evening, Zachary won the “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of My Way” award, which is awarded to someone with an “aggressive” approach to crossing the finish line first. The announcer’s comments when presenting the award to Tinkle at the banquet were, “I’m gonna tell ‘ya – somebody in this room made a very big impression in a short amount of time. The winner is Zachary Tinkle … crowd favorite after the National Short Track Championship.” The announcer was referencing Tinkle’s first feature win at the Rockford Speedway where Zachary immediately shot up to second place in the first lap to battle for the lead. To finally make the pass several laps in and take the lead, Tinkle had to take the rough inside line at Rockford Speedway while the crowd was rooting for him on the edge of their seats. Once out front, he remained there and increased his lead to cross the finish line first.

National Short Track Champion Video including post race interview:

“Lead, Follow, or Get of of My Way” Award Announcement video

Wild Wednesday Super Cup Championship Announcement video