When Zachary Tinkle started to move up to further his racing career, his parents knew they had to work on Zachary’s hydration since he would be competing in longer race events in a full size stock car where temperatures are easily 100+ degrees during the summer months. Zachary’s parents wanted him to have the proper hydration, but without a lot of sugar or chemicals that aren’t necessarily good for the body in large quantities. Zachary’s father Brad did a lot of research and found that it was more about keeping the body hydrated internally versus something external, like air conditioning.

Zachary’s parents took him to the Motorsports Program at St. Vincent and had him sweat tested and found that he exerts more things like the salts in the body when he sweats, which means he can become dehydrated quicker than the average person. Because of that, they knew that sports drinks weren’t enough and wanted an alternative. That’s when they found The Right Stuff® hydration drink additive developed by NASA for the astronauts (because they suffer from severe dehydration upon returning to Earth’s gravity), after trying multiple hydration alternatives. Zachary liked the taste of it the best and his parents found that it had the highest amount of the ingredients needed for hydration of any of the options they had tried.

Zachary now has a full hydration routine that allows him to walk around in his full drivers uniform at his racing events without feeling the heat and when he gets out of his race car after a long race, he’s not as exhausted as many of the drivers he competes against can be. Zachary’s parents are positive that these results come from the hydration routine developed for Zachary that includes The Right Stuff. Keeping hydrated can also be a competitive advantage because the body is exhausted and using energy to keep going, so a driver can be more focused and alert if properly hydrated, which is extremely important to a driver racing around a racetrack at high speeds who needs to make as few mistakes as possible.

“We are very happy that Zachary enjoys using our hydration products and has found results,” remarked David Belaga, President/CEO of the Right Stuff. “Proper hydration is very important in the world of auto racing, as it is with any sporting activity. We are glad to welcome him as an Athlete Advocate. It makes us proud to see the success Zachary has had in his racing career so far and we wish him luck in achieving his Championship goals for the 2019 season!”

The Right Stuff comes in several flavors including Berry Blend, Lemon Lime, Strawberry Kiwi, Orange Tangerine, Lemonade, Cherry Lime and Grape. It is sugar free, GMO free, vegan, gluten free, and NSF certified sport. Zachary’s favorite flavor is Berry Blend, which he adds to his water several times during a race day. Zachary starts hydrating a couple days before each race day and supplements with The Right Stuff in each race day preparation and during days when he has a rigorous workout.

Not just another electrolyte sports drink, The Right Stuff is serious hydration for serious athletes. NASA’s original sugar-free formula fights the cramps, headaches, and muscle fatigue and increases endurance better. Compete longer. Perform stronger. Recover faster. More information on The Right Stuff can be found at www.therightstuff-usa.com. To learn more about how the experts used The Right Stuff, also check out the YouTube channel TheRightStuffNASADrink.

About Zachary Tinkle:

Zachary was crowned the 2019 Triple Crown Champion with the Vore’s Welding CRA Late Model Sportsman series on August 17th. In his 2018 rookie season in the Vore’s Welding CRA Late Model Sportsman series, Zachary Tinkle was named PGG Sportsman of the Year and voted Most Popular Driver; finishing 5th in the championship. He was the 2017 Central States Region (CSR) Super Cups and 2016 Rockford Speedway Wild Wednesday Super Cup Champion. In 2015, Tinkle was the Illinois Super Cup State Champion for the Short Track Auto Racing Series (STARS), Rockford Speedway National Short Track Champion for Super Cups, awarded the Rockford Speedway “Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of My Way” award and Most Improved Driver for CSR Super Cups. For 2014, he was Rookie of the Year for CSR. Tinkle currently races a pro late model in the Vore’s Welding CRA Late Model Sportsman Series competing for the series championship and in the McGunegill Engines Late Model series at Anderson Speedway.