People are encouraged to vote DAILY for Zachary Tinkle between February 23, 2016 and March 23, 2016 #SFAC2016 #TeamChampion


Zachary Tinkle, MiniCup (Super Cup) stock car racer based in Park Ridge, IL, has high hopes for the final round of the Champion® “Search for a Champion” National Sponsor Contest in which he’s entered in the Amateur Category. In this round, Tinkle is one of 25 finalists to make it to the final round. As a winner in the first round, Zachary won $1000 cash plus prizes from Champion®. Those that advance to the final round will vie for the Grand Prize national sponsorship of $10,000 from Champion®.

Winners are selected on three practically equally weighted criteria: Inspirational Quality, Best Depiction of a Champion, and number of votes from the public. A panel of judges determines the first two criteria with the public determining the voting round. On Zachary’s entry page, there are inspiring photos and a highlight video reel where he shows that he is not only a champion as a racer, but also a champion for marketing partners, fans, and the sport of racing itself.

People are encouraged to go to the Search For A Champion website and vote DAILY for Zachary Tinkle. Voting begins on February 23, 2016 and ends on March 23, 2016 for this final round. Also, go online to social media and share his entry page with the hashtag #SFAC2016 to encourage others to vote for him.

In addition to voting for Zachary Tinkle, those that do cast votes are entered into a Champion® sweepstakes where they can win prizes like t-shirts and hats.

Zachary Tinkle’s voting page