In the most recent Central States Region Super Cups race program at Rockford Speedway, Zachary Tinkle placed second in qualifying and second in feature race

Photo credit: Pat Gremo

Tinkle Family Racing arrived to the track at Rockford Speedway hopeful that the day would be a smooth, fun day since it was Kids’ night.  Practice went well even though the track conditions pushed drivers up almost forcing all of them to ride the high line instead of the inside line.

 Practice video


Once practice was over, it was time to go out for qualifying. Tinkle went out and placed second in the qualifying results.

Qualifying video


It was then time for the heat race.  As Tinkle was coming around Turn 3 on the first lap, the car in front slowed up. Without anywhere to go and too much momentum, he bumped the car in the back and spun him. He rode out the rest of the race in the back, where he was placed as a penalty since he caused the spin and since heat races do not count for points. This was a mistake that Tinkle heavily paid for with a 10-point penalty by the league.

Heat race video


Tinkle start P6 in the feature race. Within just a couple laps, Tinkle was up to P4 and up to third in just a few more laps. He then set his sights on the next position. He took second, shuffled to third and then back to second, where he remained for the rest of the race.

Feature race video