Zachary Tinkle finished the race and ‘brought it home in one piece’ in the August 25, 2017 race where he ran double duty in the late model and super cup series

Zachary Tinkle with Lorz Motorsports team on August 25 at Grundy County Speedway (Greg, Zachary, Lloyd, Phil, Bob, Mike)

Zachary Tinkle and Lorz Motorsports arrived to Grundy County Speedway with two main goals for the evening. The first goal was to finish the feature race.  The second goal was to keep the car clean and in one piece— especially since Tinkle had another test session coming up at Anderson Speedway. Tinkle has logged over 1400 laps at Grundy County Speedway in practice and it was time to get him on the track with other drivers to gain the experience.

Tinkle went out for practice and was running a great line logging good times for his laps. After about 19 laps, Tinkle went to brake going into Turn 3 and the car spun around. He saved the car, came off immediately and went to the #53 team pit.  Upon inspection, it was found that a rock had gotten into the brake caliper causing a crack to the spindle.

Practice video


Tinkle missed second practice while the car repair was being made. The team worked diligently and was able to put the front left brake system back together so that Tinkle could go through tech inspection just in time to get on the track for qualifying.

Qualifying video


Zachary held his own in the heat race — even doing well to get around a spin with the car stretched across the track between Turns 1 & 2. He finished 5th in the heat race.

Heat race video


In the 30-lap feature race, Tinkle had to start at the back of the 20-car field as a rookie. Being underpowered by around 150 horsepower, the goal was to gain experience with other cars on the track and bring the car off the track in one piece. Not wanting to interfere with drivers running for points in the Grundy County Speedway Championship, Tinkle took care to move out of the way when approached by traffic and, with multiple drivers going to the back of the track because of several cautions, waved those drivers on by. He overcame a spin himself causing a caution about a third of the way into the race and saved the car, getting back into the race straight away. Tinkle accomplished his goal and finished the race in 17th place.

Feature race video