Tinkle Family Racing is proud to announce that up-and-coming twelve-year-old stock car racer, Zachary Tinkle #53 of Park Ridge, IL, has been named 2014 Central States Region (CSR) Super Cups Rookie Of The Year.  Tinkle also finished the season Top 5 (placing 5th) in overall championship points for the 2014 season.

Zachary Tinkle Rookie of the Year video

Zachary Tinkle taking 5th place video

Zachary had a contentious rookie season riddled with a litany of mechanical issues that led to switching cars mid-season. In spite of that, he was coined “CSR Mayor” for his positive attitude and supportiveness of all teams in the pits when faced with adversity.

Upon acceptance of his championship trophy, Zachary said, “…I want to thank everybody who has helped us this season. It was pretty rough… had a lot of problems… I want to thank my parents… I want to thank everyone for their support… what else can I say?” When enthusiastically winning Rookie Of The Year honors, he said, “I want to thank all you guys. You’ve been so helpful to me. I want to thank my mom, my dad … for letting me get into this. I know it took a lot, …but in the end, it’s worth it.”

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