On the way to the Champion Racing Association Banquet (CRA), Zachary Tinkle and his parents expected a fairly laid-back evening. Held in the stunning former Union Station at the Crowne Plaza Indianapolis was a class A event.

As expected, Zachary received his plaque for coming in 5th in the Vore’s Welding CRA late model sportsman series championship. The family expected that to be the end of it for Tinkle Family Racing for the evening.

At that point, Technical Director, Eddie Chew took the stage to announce the Sportsman of the Year awardees as voted on the staff of CRA. For the PGG Sportsman of the Year Eddie recounted that the driver kept to himself at the beginning of the season, but, by the end he came out of his shell. He then announced Zachary Tinkle as the PGG Sportsman of the Year! Zachary was befuddled and could only say, “Thank you,” and that he was honored when he accepted the plaque and welding helmet from PGG on stage.

Next on the list was the Most Popular Driver awards announced by Patrick Hahe of Speed51 as the voting was held online on their website. He said there were over 10,000 votes across the four different series. He announced that Zachary Tinkle was the winner in the Vore’s Welding CRA late model sportsman series. Zachary was presented with a meticulously crafted wooden plaque with a laser-engraved photo of his car and the award.

To top it off, Zachary got to help R.J. Scott, CRA Managing Partner, with a fun game with cards that ended with a winner winning a cash prize.

It was a fun event with many unexpected happenings along the way.