Zachary Tinkle #53 to represent the True Power Motor Oil brand


Tinkle Family Racing is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Hole in One Motorsports naming True Power Motor Oil the Official Oil of Tinkle Family Racing supporting the 2016 racing season of minicup stock car racer Zachary Tinkle.

In response to the agreement, Hole in One Motorsports President Steve Naples said, “Zachary is a natural born promoter. When we have events, there is always buzz around him and his car. He draws the crowd in with his positive attitude and proactive engagement with the attendees. It’s always positive PR for us and him – a win-win for everybody! It was a natural fit for True Power Motor Oil and Tinkle Family Racing to form a marketing partnership.”

Zachary Tinkle responded, “Steve is the person that introduced me to minicup cars. I knew from the minute I saw them that this was the path I needed to take for my stock car career. For him to watch me grow and decide that I would be a positive representative for True Power Motor Oil is an honor.”

Specifics of the agreement are not being publicly disclosed.