Zachary Tinkle wasn’t originally planning to race at Michigan International Speedway, but with the seat opening up for Wayne Peterson Motorsports, he was asked to hop in for the Henry Ford Health System 200. The ARCA Menards series gave a special approval for Tinkle to race in this race based on his performance in previous races as it was considered a superspeedway.

There was a shortened practice time that was also considered qualifying. In this special format, each car got 5 laps on the track before the race. Tinkle was in the last group to go out. He took a couple laps to learn the racing line. By the time he was done with practice, he qualified 11th out of 20 cars. It was a proud moment for the low-budget team, especially considering Zachary was on used tires and had never raced on this track before.

The decision was made to find additional tire to be able to run the entire race. Tinkle stayed on the lead lap until the first competition caution when there was an issue with the starter and the team was forced to push the car to get it going. He was running in 12th position and in position to get the free pass with the next caution when a rod went through the engine block. He was able to bring the car into the pit and exit the vehicle even with smoke in the cockpit.

In the end, Tinkle was scored in the 15th position.