Devastating News Halts Zachary Tinkle’s Race Season

Statement from Tinkle Family Racing

On the Monday after the race at Kil-Kare Raceway, Zachary Tinkle’s father and patriarch of Tinkle Family Racing, Brad Tinkle, suffered a stroke. At the time of this writing, Brad does not have the ability to use his left side appendages and has difficulty speaking. He has been transferred to a rehabilitation facility where he will stay for therapy until released for outpatient rehabilitation. The family does not know how long the recovery process will take.

Because of all the financial unknowns right now, the family has come to the heartbreaking decision that, unless there were a significant reduction in costs to operate the team and/or sponsorship comes on board, Zachary’s racing season is over for the foreseeable future.

From Zachary Tinkle, “Like my mom has always said, I came out of the womb wanting to race. My parents have made a lot of sacrifices to help me live this dream and I appreciate everything they’ve done for me more than I can say. Even though It’s depressing not knowing when I’ll be in a race car again, my dad means the world to me and has to be the family priority now. We’re hoping for a full recovery so he can still be the person that puts up my window net before I go out on the track.”

Tinkle Family Racing appreciates all the thoughts and prayers from the people that have reached out during this time.